Peninsula Home 2015 Aerial Photo of Peninsula Neighborhood 985 Ball Street Kitchen Dining Room 985 Ball Street 2014 Parade of Homes 958 Ball Street Living Room 2014 Parade of Homes 946 Ball Street The open living room of 1262 Foster Road. It is one of the interior units of a 4 unit rowhome. Rowhomes on Walker Circle completed Fall 2013 Walker Circle A view East down Foster Road. In the Foreground in a 4 unit brownstone inspired by architecture found in Galena, IL. 1100 Swisher Street This living room was designed and staged by Assistant Project Manager Amy Pretorius.  The kitchen island at 737 Walker Circle provides plenty of counter space for food preparation. The granite counter top was installed by Granite Custom Design. The play equipment in Emma Harvat Square patiently awaits for warmer weather to arrive. Looking down Swisher Street during the Winter. Looking to the west as the sun begins to set behind Founders Row Condominiums. Completed in 2012, Founders Row is a 12 unit building here in the Peninsula Neighborhood. We have plans to build more multiple unit buildings in the coming years. A white quartz counter top, stainless steel appliances and a modern dining room chandelier compliment the cabinets made with cherry wood and stained an espresso color. The gorgeous accent wall is a brick veneer that was installed after construction by the homeowners.  A bathroom vanity fixture with a lot of flare. When designing your home with us you can decide on the style of lighting, flooring, paint colors, etc. One of the single family estate homes here in the Peninsula Neighborhood. Designed in a coastal style to resemble homes found on the eastern seaboard of the United States.
  • The Poise Of Classical Style

    The properties at the Peninsula Neighborhood are built to showcase the traditional feel presented by the front of the home. Gone is the look of suburban sub-divisions where the street view is dominated by garages and homes that all look alike. The Peninsula Neighborhood pays homage to classical architectural standards. Front porches, painted planks of siding and tree lined streets that conjure the images of old established parts of Iowa City are complemented with modern and efficient building practices and beautifully designed interiors. The homes built by the Peninsula Development Company have always been in style and will continue to be in style as the years go on.
  • Cultivating A Community

    The image that comes to mind when one speaks of new home construction is the wide curving road boxed in on both sides by garage doors with cars parked in the driveways. Front doors are set back on the house providing the homeowner with little to no view of their neighborhood. At the Peninsula Neighborhood we are part of a movement called “Neo-Traditionalist” Architecture that hopes to change this. The homes have porches or stoops that face the Street. Garages are behind the home or off to the side of the house. This is not only for design ascetics but serves to bring residents of the neighborhood together. We aim to bring back the look and design that shaped what is now referred to as “Historical Neighborhoods”. It is this company’s goal to not just build a home that one leaves in the morning and returns to at night, but to develop a neighborhood that cultivates a sense of community.
  • Community Becomes A Destination

    Located on and around the end of Foster road in the North of Iowa City, The Peninsula Neighborhood is a community where the homes are built with architectural appeal in mind. We notice people driving slowly through the neighborhood “sight-seeing”. They come to see the progress of this unique community. Attractive new home construction has sadly become an ever dissipating sight. The Peninsula Development Company is proud to be a part of a trend to reverse this. The homes here in the neighborhood built by our company are designed by a Certified New Urbanism Architect. We are happy that this neighborhood has become a destination for those who want more out of new development. With the dog park located at the end of Foster road and the surrounding hiking and bike trails, many people have the chance to see what the Peninsula Development Company is all about.